Peer Assisted Study Skills Initiative: Pilot Project


  • Nirmala Arunasalam Global Banking School
  • Vasilica Munte Global Banking School, UK
  • Sonia Badulescu Global Banking School, UK



Peer learning, pilot project, implementation, evaluation, leaders


This case study provides a reflective analysis of the Peer Assisted Study Skills (PASS) pilot project, which took place between June to August 2022 at the East London Global Banking School campuses. The pilot project evaluated the effectiveness of the student supporting student initiative in providing academic support for initial-year students from two chosen programmes and partnerships. Volunteer second year students from these programmes were recruited and trained to be PASS leaders. Findings illustrate initial year students’ improved motivation, voice and development of academic writing, study and IT skills. Leaders reported enhanced confidence, learning and employability skills. Lecturers attested to the effectiveness of PASS as initial year students acquired the relevant skills much faster than they would normally have done whilst leaders developed skills for their future careers. These significant outcomes paved the way for its expansion beyond the East London campuses, initially to the Manchester campus.




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Arunasalam, N., Munte, V., & Badulescu, S. (2024). Peer Assisted Study Skills Initiative: Pilot Project. Transnational Education Review, 2(1), 33–47.